世界中を飛び回り今やアジアが注目するDJになったTIARA TYPINSKY。彼女はUMFや Tomorrowland、IBIZAで影響を受け2015年にDJを始めるものの、4年間でアジアを中心に10ヶ国でDJをする。ベトナム、カンボジアでは日本の有名なセクシー女神DJとしてTV出演し大絶賛を受ける。2018年では日本一のHIPHOP club 1OAKにも出演し、年間100現場を超える人気DJへと成長する。Instagramや Facebookのフォロワーは合わせて10万人以上に。彼女の勢いは止まることを知らない。DJだけではなくオリジナル楽曲は6曲リリースし、世界で活躍するアーティストへの階段を登るTIARA TYPINSKYだが、これまで幾度と常識を覆してきただけに次はどんな活躍を見せるのか期待が集まる。現在日本No.1 女性DJと言っても過言ではないだろう。

TIARA TYPINSKY is making her mark across the globe as a new age EDM DJ. Being inspired from events such as UMF, Tomorrowland, and IBIZA, she begins her career in 2015. She has done dj in ten countries for four years since her debut, now she has become a popular dj who performs 100 gigs a year. not to mention her activities all over Japan. In 2018, she appeared in Japan's best hip hop club 1OAK Tokyo. Recently she also plays with popular dj Mike Williams. With her cute and energetic DJ style, she captures the audience’s attention and ROCKS the stage.She com- mands over 100,000 followers through Facebook and Instagram combined, and continues to make appearances into VVIP sections in foreign events such as UMF and Tomorrowland. Having taken photos with superstars like Tiesto,Afrojack,NAS,kidink.kehlani,DJsnake. the network she has built over the years is immeasur- able. She is perhaps Asia’s #1 rising star female DJ.

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